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School Mission, Vision and Values

Coton C of E (VC) Primary School is linked to the parish church of St Peter. Peter was a close friend and follower of Jesus. He did not always understand what Jesus meant but Jesus chose him to be the leader of the disciples and the church. Peter made mistakes but Jesus forgave him. In the Gospel of Matthew 16:19, Jesus says to Peter: I will give you the keys of the kingdom of heaven, and whatever you bind on Earth shall be bound in heaven, and whatever you loose on Earth shall be loosed in heaven. Our school symbol is a key, like Peter’s. Keys are powerful symbols; they may symbolise opening and closing powers—for instance, you might use a key to lock someone in, depriving that person of his freedom. Or use a key to unlock the door and free whoever or whatever is inside.


What is our vision?

We offer our children the keys to unlock their own stories and to express these with confidence.


What is our mission?

We teach the whole child, head, hand, heart and health. Our passion for pastoral care promotes the well-being of everyone in our community and we believe this is an essential part of releasing people to be the best they can be.

Our curriculum is rich, creative and inspiring, engaging the interests of our students, maximising opportunities in our context and preparing our learners for tomorrow’s challenges.

Oracy and story are at the heart of what we teach and Coton children enjoy a cohesive learning journey as they move through the school.

Christian values underpin everything we do. These are modelled by the adults in our school and recognised and celebrated in our children.

Our learning environment is organised and calm, promoting acceptance and respect; offering our children a safe place to learn. Our school feels like family.


What are our values?

We are proud of the Christian values and faith upon which our school community is built. We put the children at the heart of all we do here and, after much discussion, our children have  chosen five values that they feel best sums up what Coton C of E (VC) Primary School is about:

They are: caring, creativity, cooperation, challenge and courage.


By the time a child leaves Coton C of E Primary School they will have had the opportunities to:

  • Value, love and care for others, while receiving this same warmth and acceptance from their community

  • Develop the skills they need to be a successful independent learner: resilience, persistence, self-motivation and a positive attitude

  • Experience a rich, creative and inspiring curriculum where they will learn the knowledge and skills to prepare them for a life-long love of learning

  • Be the best they can be; making the most of their God-given talents

  • Celebrate success and know what it feels like to be celebrated

  • Develop a curiosity for God’s creation and foster the desire to care for our environment

  • Develop an awareness of potential risks in their day to day lives and make safe choices for themselves and others