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Our Curriculum Overview from Autumn 2022:

A new curriculum was implemented at Coton during the autumn term 2021, focusing on strong pupil engagement, broad and comprehensive curriculum coverage and clear progression in both knowledge and skills as key drivers of this change. Our new curriculum is based on the overarching framework of the Cornerstones Maestro - Curriculum 22 resource which will provide a strong foundation for further personalisation and development.


Our curriculum covers the required content of the national curriculum for each subject and the multi-cultural society in which we live today. Topics such as Frozen Kingdoms and Sow, Grow and Farm address global issues such as sustainability and the cultural significance of indigenous communities. Topics such as Movers and Shakers teach children about a diverse range of significant people across history. The curriculum is up-to-date and addresses global and national issues where appropriate. Topics are supported with resources that reflect and represent a range of communities and faiths and there is broad representation. Where specialist support is needed to address specific issues such as Britain's role in the slave trade, the history of ancient African kingdoms, or Black Britons' positive contribution to today's society, Cornerstones work with experts in the field. The project 'Maafa' is an example of this, where Cornerstones worked with a Black History expert, Dr Angelina Osborne. In addition to this, the Curriculum Maestro platform gives school the ability to adapt and tailor our chosen projects to meet the needs of our children and the community they live in.


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End of year expectations

The following documents have been created to support children and parents in understanding some of the key learning objectives to master in reading, writing and maths by the end of a year at Coton C of E Primary School. We hope you find these helpful.

To see further details about the learning in each class, please click on the link below and then select the class you wish to view.

Here is a link to the government site where you can view the National Curriculum.

If you would like further information on the curriculum we teach, please contact the school directly.