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Fencing Enrichment Day

Owl Class thoroughly enjoyed their fencing taster. "Do you fancy a duel?" enquired one pirate to another aboard the Black Pearl! Our younger children learnt how to advance, retreat and parry. "Arrggghhhh - on guard!" they all shouted as they approached their opponent. A big thank you to Darren from FitFence for his ability to capture the imagination of our youngest children and offer such an engaging and first experience of fencing to them. 

Our oldest children in Kestrel Class courageously battled the slightly damp weather as they faced their opponents on the battlefield. 

Lots of new vocabulary and early fencing skills were learnt. I wonder if you know what it means to advance, retreat, parry, block and attack? What is a foil, a sabre an epee? How does it feel to score How does it feel to receive a 'poke'? 
Thank you to Darren from FitFence for his expertise and enthusiasm during the session. A very enjoyable morning for all our Kestrels!