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Year 1

Phonics  - The children  are taught as separate year groups for phonics, so that they can work at the level that is appropriate for them. They have a daily phonics session, taught through the Story-time Phonics' programme. We secure their knowledge of single letter sounds before quickly moving on to learning more complicated sounds, this supports their ability to segment and blend sounds for reading and spelling. They have daily writing opportunities in these phonics lessons or i our  English lessons. 


English - The children have a daily English lesson which usually takes place after phonics. In these sessions they have the opportunity to apply the skills they have learnt in phonics, to practice their handwriting, to learn how to use basic punctuation, as well as to explore, and really enjoy, different types of words and texts They experience a range of writing genres which include stories, non-fiction, instructions and poetry.  We do lots of whole class storytelling , role play, sequencing and making little books and give the childtren opportunity to innovate, adapting these familiar tales with their own ideas.


Mathematics– We have a Mathematics session every day. The 'White Rose' maths scheme is used as a basis for these lessons.The children usually begin with a whole class session, working on their problem solving and reasoning, with differentiated questions to provide the appropriate challenge. They then work as a year 1 group , guided by an adult , on the Mathematical concept they are currently working on. They are encouraged to explore different ways of working, such as using pictorial representations, or manipulating practical apparatus. 


Science - The children have a timetabled science session each week where they can explore, extend their knowledge and develop their skills of investigation. We regularly visit our school Wild Garden where children can look under logs, collect leaves or make collections of eg Autumn Treasures


PE - PE takes place twice a week and sessions are usually either gymnastics, games or dance based. Sometimes we have balance bike sessions outside on the playground with our set of balance bikes. During the second half of the summer term all PE sessions are swimming sessions which take place in our school pool.


RE/ Music / Art/ History /Geography/ DT and Computing - These subjects are delivered each week or during focused days. We mainly teach the subjects via our topic work to really engage the children

eg  RE - Class Nativity Play and Christmas  

      Music - 'Once Upon a Time' - loud and quiet voices and instruments for the three bears 

      Art - 'Starry Night ' - exploring lightening of colours using white to recreate Van Gogh's 'The Starry Night'

      History - 'Toys' - Comparing old and new teddy bears (we have someone who brings real old bears to                                show us)

      Geography - 'Minibeasts' - looking at different areas of our school grounds

      Computing - ' Once Upon a Time' - using programmable toys to get to different places in the woods


Story time– This is one of the most important parts of the day. The whole class listens to and engages with a story, to foster a love of reading and books. This gives the children a bank of knowledge about stories, which helps them to become good readers and writers themselves.

We also encourage the children to retell stories with puppets and props and to tell their own stories in the 'storyteller's chair'. This means that when they sit down to write their own stories they can draw on their experience of story structures and different types of stories, as well as having knowledge of vocabulary that will make their stories interesting and exciting to read.