Sports morning.

28th June 2016
Coton School's Sport morning.
Tuesday 28th June saw the sun shining ready to welcome Coton C of E (VC)Primary School and the sports morning. The staff all were busy getting ready for the 'Rio' themed sports morning in honour of the Rio Olympics. All the children came together in the school hall to join their 9 family grouped teams. There were 3 Red teams, 3 White teams and 3 Blue teams all representing a South American country.
All year 6 children, assisted by the year 5 children, act as team managers. They are in charge of their team and the score sheets. All children take part in 3 different running, jumping and throwing events. Those scores are kept and then it is time for the second part of the morning-the races!
Each class competes in a mixture of running events from the teddy bear race (Class1) to the circular relays. The 3 teams are represented in all events. Finally, the year 6 participate in the infamous tug-of-war pull. Year 5 children are asked to make up the numbers where needed. It is a great Coton school tradition and is the climax to the mornings events enjoyed by the children as well as the adults!
We had wonderful weather, supportive parents and enthusiastic children! A great time was had by all. It was a nail biting atmosphere as we waited for the results.
Red team: 86 points, Blue team: 91 and White team: 95 points.
Congratulations White team- it has been a long time since your last win!
All the children tried their best and we saw lots of encouragement, determination and cooperation. The Coton values of creativity, caring and challenge was also evident in many areas.
Thank you to everyone who came and watched; thank you to all who helped and thank you to the children for being such good sports.