Self Esteem and Positive Behaviour Policy

Governors’ Statement

The Governing Body is conscious of the importance of good behaviour, both inside and outside school. We support the Headteacher in encouraging the children to develop their own self-discipline, awareness of others and respect for those around them, in accordance with our vision and values.


Recognising its historic foundation, the school will preserve and develop its religious character in partnership with the Church of England at parish and diocesan level.

The school aims to serve its community by providing an education of the highest quality within the context of Christian belief and practice. It encourages an understanding of the meaning and significance of faith and promotes spiritual values through the experience it offers to all its pupils. It welcomes children of all faith backgrounds and the enrichment they bring to the school community.


The ethos of the school should be harmonious and caring with special emphasis on the quality of inter-personal relationships, which are based on Christian values.  Within the school each pupil is valued and appreciated for their uniqueness and individuality.  Emphasis is placed on the rights of all members of the school community to a secure and safe school environment.  Pupils, parents, staff, governors and community visitors to the school have a right to personal safety, respect and support within the school.  All staff in the school should be trained to work in line with this policy.  There should be a consistent approach to behaviour issues and a feeling of mutual support and respect.


  • To encourage pupils to take responsibility for their own behaviour.
  • To foster attitudes of respect amongst pupils, staff and visitors.
  • To promote a feeling of confidence and safety throughout the school.
  • To recognise and value diversity


Within our school we aim to:

  • Appreciate and acknowledge positive behaviour
  • Give scope to pupils to allow them to work towards developing self-discipline.
  • Listen to pupils.
  • Respond to pupils’ problems speedily and sensitively.

We believe that:

  • Personal safety is a right of all the school community.
  • Teachers and parents work in partnership for the well being and education of the pupils.

Self Esteem

Our ability to behave and learn well is affected by how we perceive ourselves.  This personal self-image is influenced by all the positive and negative responses from all the people with whom we come into contact.

It is important that teachers treat each other and the pupils considerately and in ways that will build a good self-image. It is important to create opportunities for pupils to:

  • succeed and feel appreciated
  • to have the confidence to take risks
  • cope with mistakes or failure
  • use these experiences constructively to influence future behaviour
In extreme circumstances, the school will follow the County Guidelines for exclusion.