Welcome to Sapphire Class - a mixed Year 5/6 class which is comprised of the eldest children in our school.
The teachers in Sapphire Class are the Assistant Headteacher, Mrs Sally Willan, and Mrs Mole Piotrowicz.
The focus in Sapphire Class is to identify and nurture every child's individual talents.  We will do this by providing a broad and exciting curriculum and encouraging deep, independent thinking skills.  This will ensure your child's learning is transferable to the new skills and life opportunities that will emerge in the coming years of our ever-changing world.
We endeavour to breed mature individuals who will not only act as exceptional role models within school, but who will also be able to make a smooth transition to the next stage of their education.
Talk to your child about Victorian times.  Research the topic on the internet together using age appropriate sites that they are able to access and comprehend.  This will really help them get to understand a very long era in our country's history and the many amazing innovations that emerged from it.
Maths Homework
8th November 2018
Spellings to be tested on
Wednesday 21st November 2018
P.E. will be on Tuesday and Friday this term.  Please ensure that your child has a full PE kit in school on those days.  For safety reasons, long hair needs to be tied back and ear-rings should not be worn on PE days.  If it is outdoor games during this term, your child will need appropriate jogging bottoms and fleece/top to keep warm.
Your child should be reading every day for around 30 minutes or more.  Please share a bedtime story with your child.  In Year 5/6, this is still hugely beneficial to reading fluency and comprehension.
Spelling is taught and tested on Tuesday.  Your child's spelling book will need to be in school on a Tuesday - the rest of the week they may keep it at home to learn and practise the spellings for that week. 
Maths homework will be given out on Thursday, to be returned to school on Monday.  If your child has a commitment that keeps them busy for the whole weekend (and they have been unable to complete it on the Thursday), please send a note of explanation to school or drop me and email at
In addition, it is essential that your child is fully secure in their times tables.  They should know all the multiplication facts and the inverse division facts.  Knowing these will ensure they are able to access the Year 5/6 maths curriculum with greater ease.