Sainsbury's Level 3 Summer Festival.

25th June 2015
On Thursday 25th June, Yann, Harry, Annie and Lulu represented Coton C of E(VC) Primary School in the next round of the tennis competition. The team played well, showed good sportmanship and tried their best. I was very proud of them. All the teams were put into 4 'boxes' with 5 teams in each. Coton tennis team were placed in a difficult box but they won 11 out of 16 matches. They came second in their box so did very well but they did not go forward to the next round. The eventual winner was the Haslingfield team, Sancton Wood came second (who beat us in the first round) and the Merdian school came third. It was a lovely day and I felt so proud of our team who decided they would like to support the winning teams by staying for the presentation, the only team to do so.
Mrs Baker