May 2018

13th May 2018
Grafham Water Centre Year 4 Residential 8th -9th May 2018
On  a bright sunny morning the year 4 children came to school slightly nervous and excited about their residential trip to Grafham Water. Bags were checked and put on the coach and after an introduction about the trip everyone was ready to go. Some parents had stayed to wave their children off and we were off.
We arrived at Grafham in good time and the children were shown round the centre so they knew where to go. After a lovely lunch the first activity was sailing for the whole group. The wind was blowing and some of us sailed very quickly across the reservoir,  learning to turn around before getting to the other side.
The children made their beds, or tried to, and then it was dinner. No time to stop before the evening activities of orienteering and the famous Grafham Challenge. Great fun and lots of action and we finished at 9.20pm
After an exhausting evening, for the children, it was time for bed  and lights out by 9.45. All was quiet in the dormitories by 10.00pm
The next morning was an early start on the boys' floor but it was time to strip the beds and pack ready to clear the rooms. Mrs Gibbons and I were very impressed by some of the children's packing while others had to be reminded several times about the same thing!! A hearty breakfast was eaten to begin the day with climbing the very high wall and archery. All the children had a go and tried their best. We were very impressed.
After lunch we were off to do raft building- great fun! Have a look at the photos.
Mrs Gibbons and I were proud of all the children and the Grafham Water staff were also impressed by their determination and cooperation when given a challenge. So many of our Coton school values were seen in action at Grafham.
Year 3/4 tennis competition
On Wednesday 16th May, four children representing Coton school, went to Comberton Village College, after school, to enter the year 3/4 tennis competition. 16 teams entered the competition and ten schools were represented. Last year we roasted in the hot sun and this year we turned blue with the cold wind! Despite  the wind blowing away balls and the nets the children did Coton school proud.
The competition was based on a 'round robin' format so there were 4 groups where each team played three matches for 5 minutes. The winners of each group went forward to the semi finals; the rest of the teams went to play against another team So Coton came second in their group, winning six out of twelve matches, and played against Elsworth in the next round. 
The winners of the semi finals go forward to the finals at another date and the other semi finalists came 3rd and 4th and so Coton came gained the very respectable 5th place. Well done team!! It was the first time most of the children had played a 'proper' match and in a competition so they should all feel very proud of themselves. For a small school and little time to practise we are all very proud of them.