15th May 2019

Year 3 and 4 Tennis Competition

Wednesday 15th May 2019


After school on Wednesday, two teams of excited but nervous children went off to Comberton Village College, to take part in a tennis competition. One team entered the Cup competition and one team entered the Plate competition. Roscoe, Lukas, Shannon and Charlotte were in the Cup team and Henry, Charlie, Rosie, Matilda and Florence were in the Plate team.

The Cup team were in Group B and played against Haslingfield and Fenstanton where 3 matches out of 4 were won; the team then played Dry Drayton where all 4 matches were won. All children showed great determination and listened carefully to the sport leaders who were umpiring the matches.

The Cup team came first out of their group and then played against the winners of Group A Willingham. These matches were the best of the afternoon. Both teams were well matched and produced the best tennis. It was amazing to see how the children had made real progress throughout the afternoon. The scores of each of the 4 matches were very close so it was a cliff hanger right to the last match but eventually it was WIllingham who won. The team were not disheartened as they knew they had played their best and Mrs Baker was very proud of them. The children were pleased to get the runners up medals. Then the ‘icing on the cake’…Shannon was chosen by two sets of sports leaders as showing great support of her team members by encouraging them and being supportive and won the Spirit of the Games award. Congratulations!


The Plate team had fun playing in their competition and gained a lot of experience. They had the opportunity to play 4 matches. It is worth noting at this point that the event was for children in years 3 and 4. All but one of the children that took to the courts in the plate event are currently in year 3 and for all of this team, it was their first time in a competitive tennis tournament.  There were nerves, there was fear, there was anticipation, all of which were duly warranted given the number of ‘David and Goliath’ moments our year 3 children encountered! More often than not they were dwarfed in stature by their opponents from the year above and from much larger primary schools: Swavesey, Willingham and Fenstanton. Whilst they may have suffered some losses, they gained an enormous amount of experience, playing each and every match with beaming smiles, courage in their hearts and determination sketched onto their faces. As they left the court, winner or loser, they were greeted by a hugely supportive group of team mates and accompanying parents.

All particpants at this event should be incredibly proud of the way that they conducted themselves both on and off the court, the way they respected officials and opponents, the way they supported and encouraged one another but most of all…… for giving it a go!

We would like to thank the parents that were able to support our teams and look forward to the next event in our summer sporting calendar. Watch this space…..


Netball Finals at Impington Village College

 On Wednesday 1st May 7 children, Mrs Harvey and Mrs Scarboro all travelled to Impington Village College for the High five A team netball finals. We were among the top 15 schools playing from Cambridgeshire.

The team played against 3 schools in the first round (including the winners of the tournament) winning one match and losing two. The three schools we played against were all really tall as commented on by JJ who said,  ' They can't be year 6 they look 17!'

The whole team played so well defending, attacking and scoring (Maddie and Frankie) and encouragement from those on the side especially Sophie when they were not playing.
The team then played another three matches after the first round results and which again all team members put in 100% effort.

Coton came eleventh in the competition but the team work and behaviour from them representing the school does not reflect this, Mrs Harvey was very proud to have been there on the day with them.

Maddie gets a special mention for her improvement and passion in the game, she never gave up and played every position with enthusiasm and became quite a feisty defender coming off court every time with a smile on her face.

Well done Coton Netballers.