Level 3 Sainsbury's Games Quad Athletics

1st June 2017
Thursday 29th June 2017 Quad Athletics level 3 competition
The year 5/6 squad of athletes left Coton school with hope in their hearts and some trepidation. We arrived at St Ives outdoor centre and entered the marquee along with hundreds of other children. Schools were there from all over Cambridgeshire and Peterborough. The atmosphere was electric when the sports ambassadors started  to speak and introduce the day.  It was thrilling to see two ex-Coton children, Sasha and Seren, representing CVC do a dance show case as part of the opening ceremony. We also had the privilege of hearing an Olympian, Heather Fell, speak about the challenging of being a modern pentathlete and winning Silver at the Beijing Olypmics. perhaps we will see some ex Coton children in the Olympics of the future!
Finally it was time to get started. Emily and Antonia (joint captains), Holly, Olivia and Madeline represented the girls and Yann, William, Leo, Tommy, Edward and Lucas represented the boys. The team all had to do a howler throw, a standing long jump, 75m sprint and a 600m run.
All the children tried their hardest and showed good sport values. They were well behaved and polite. It was an honour to take them.
It is difficult to guess how well we were doing because the lengths and times had to be translated into points. We had to wait until the end of the event-nail biting stuff. We won the small schools competition! Everyone was flabbergasted and as Edward said, "How did we do that?"
A fitting end to a fantastic year of sport and  PE. Congratulations County Champions!
Coton school has also gained the Gold Award for sport and PE.