Level 3 QuadKids Athletics

30th June 2016
Thursday 30th June QuadKids Athletics Level 3 Competition.
For the first time Coton Primary school entered the QuadKids Athletics competition and won the small schools event. This meant they went through to the level 3 competition in St Ives on the 30th June. Unfortunately this resulted in a clash of competitions when the cricket competition had to be rescheduled due to bad weather.
However the athletics team set off on a sunny morning to the St Ives Outdoor centre with hope in their hearts, despite two of the squad  missing (cricket team) and others being ill. The team were determined to do their best and Jonah Tomsett came to the rescue and became competitor number 9 and 30 so the team could be the squad of 8.
Sophia Hall, Catalina Jiggins, Antonia Onyeachie, Emily Seale, Tim Nerukh, Alexander Lentin and Jonah Tomsett displayed all the Coton values as well as the Olympic values of self belief, passion, determination and team work. Mrs Baker was very proud of their attitude.
 All of the children were representing the city of Cambridge, Peterborough, Witchford, South Cambs and Huntingdon. Each area had 2 teams representing them after an earlier competition.
All children had to compete in four events: 75m sprint, standing long jump, 600m and the vortex throw.
The 600m was not the favourite event but all the team tried their best and the adults spectating were amazed when Jonah ran it for a second time to gain as many points for the team as possible. It was a real achievement.
This event is a huge one as it is the Summer Games Level 3  for hockey, archery, golf, tennis, netball and athletics for primary and secondary schools. There was a welcoming ceremony and the children all gathered together for the results.
Coton school came a very credible 6th out of 10 teams- well done children! They tried their best, showed great spirit and supportive team work. A good  day of competition.