Coton School's Sports Morning.

30th June 2015
On Tuesday 30th June the children and adults of Coton C of E (VC) Primary School  enjoyed the sunshine during the annual sports morning. We knew it was going to be hot and we were not disappointed!
The year 6s did a great job leading and organising their teams for the first part of the morning.It is  a chance for them to be Sports leaders. This is  also the opportunity for all the children to practise their skills learnt from their  PE lessons or 'to have a go' at different events. They earn points for the team from each event. The teams are family based so other family members can support them as they go round the 9 athletic events: 3 throws, 3 jumps and 3 runs.
After a short well earned break and an ice lolly, (given by the PTA), the children returned to the track ready for the second part of the morning- the races! Each class had their own running races from sprints with teddy bears to circular relays. All the children enjoyed cheering their team on.
This year, after the traditional year 6 tug of war, the winning team was announced: the Blue Team!!! They enjoyed running round the track to celebrate.