Dance Share

18th March 2015
On Wednesday 18th March Class 4 went to the Dance Share at Comberton Village College. Coton have been going to the Dance Share since it begun. It gives the class an opportunity to share their work in dance as well as watch other primary schools perform and get ideas. The village colleges also perform which inspires the younger children. A great event for everyone.
This year, Class 4 used the DVD Rio 2 as a stimlus to their dance, along with their work on the rainforest.The first part of the dance was based on carnival time in Rio. The children used canon and unison working in small groups as well as a whole class sequence. In the second part, the children worked on different dance motifs and then worked with a partner to develop their own sequence.
Mrs Baker and Mrs Osborne  are both very proud of Class 4.They worked hard, performed with much enthusiasm and were an appreciative audience. Well done Class4 !