April 2017

27th April 2017

Coton Netballers – Crowned South Cambridge Champions!


The unpleasant weather conditions didn’t dampen the spirits of Harry (captain), Eve, Yann, Madeline, Olivia, Antonia or Ellen who were representing Coton in the South Cambs High Five Netball Shield event at Impington Village College. The event was the culmination of a series of tournaments in which 57 teams had entered. The shield competition saw the top 16 teams compete to take the coveted title of South Cambridge High Five Netball Champions.

The first round saw the teams distributed between 4 divisions. Coton was placed in Division D along with Fowlmere, Great Abington and Swavesey. At the end of their first round of matches, Coton came out top of their group and went on to join the other three group winners in the second round of matches.

In the second stage of the competition, the team were placed against Steeple Morden, Pendragon and Linton Heights, all of which had topped their groups during the first round matches. After a toughly fought first match, and some fantastic netball, Coton left the court narrowly losing to Swavesey by just one goal. Despite their defeat, the team dug deep and showed great commitment, determination and teamwork to come out on top against Pendragon with a 4 – 1 victory. With renewed energy and a real desire to end the tournament on a high, the players saved their best team performance for their final match playing some technically excellent, strategically inspiring netball to secure another 4 – 1 victory over Steeple Morden.

Perhaps the most noticeable improvement over the course of the tournament came through the squad’s communication on court. Players’ confidence grew, which in turn led to them calling to their teammates, offering themselves for passes when they knew they were in a strong position to receive a well distributed ball. This communication was also evident off court with players encouraging each other before, during and after matches – something that proved invaluable to the team’s camaraderie and subsequent success.

And so it came down to the presentation. Second round matches were tight, all teams had won and lost matches and the final positions came down to a single point difference! Both Pendragon and Linton Heights finished on 10 points but…….Coton were crowned South Cambridge Champions with 11 points!

The squad’s success can be attributed to their commitment to early morning training sessions and their sacrifice of playtimes and lunchtimes to practise shooting.  Each and every player was strong in both defence and attack. This is testament to their all round attitude and their willingness to learn and improve, both individually and as a team.

Finishing as South Cambridgeshire Champions is an incredible achievement for such a small school and something that each and every member of the netball squad should be incredibly proud of.

On behalf of the school, Mrs Osborne and Mrs Harvey would like to thank the parents (and siblings) of the players who have not only got the children out of bed early on a Friday morning and got them to training sessions, but who have also transported them to and from tournaments, provided refreshments and stayed alongside the courts in all weathers to cheer, encourage and support the children during their matches. Your support is very much appreciated.