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At Coton, we value our parents and carers as part of our school community.

At times, we will conduct surveys to gauge your opinion on how we are doing. 


John Kett



In the most recent parent survey you highlighted the following as strengths of the school:

  • Great community school
  • Fantastic group of teachers and assistants
  • Close attachment with the church is good and positive
  • Lovely family atmosphere
  • Each child is treated and respected as an individual
  • Good sporting opportunities
  • Swimming pool on site
  • Breakfast club/Home club
  • Children of all ages mix well across the school
  • School has different enrichment weeks eg science week, arts week
  • No school uniform
  • Children of all ages mix well across the school
  • Preschool has a proper building and is on the school site
  • New Class 1 building
  • Grounds are superb
  • Supportive atmosphere for the children across ages and cultural backgrounds
  • All staff are committed to the school
  • Active PTA who support the school by fundraising and providing excellent activities
  • Children have a great start to school
  • Teachers can give individual attention to the children
  • Positive learning environment
  • New format for parent teacher consultations better
  • Children enjoy coming to school
  • Children learn a lot
  • Approachable staff
  • Enriched curriculum and commitment to nurturing individuals
  • Excellent pastoral care
  • Parents are invited to share knowledge and skills eg during  science week
  • Information evenings are really helpful eg maths evening, e-safety evening
  • Confident children who are happy and safe
  • Good mix of genders/ages in staff
  • Staff are excellent role models and have high expectations of the children
  • Transition between year groups handled well
  • Embedded in community and has community events and grounds are open to the community
  • Open to new ideas
  • Children are encouraged to learn and gain confidence
  • Good after school clubs



They are many, but as a school we are always trying to improve and I am always keen to hear your views.

Please feel free to speak to me either when you see me before or after school or make an appointment to see me via the contact page.