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Summer Term Storytime (Books and Novels)

June 2022 - Anthony Browne


As part of our English (writing) we are exploring the text 'The Tunnel' by Anthony Browne, and eventually writing our own endings to the story.


To celebrate this, our class readers each day will focus on the huge variety of tales that Anthony has written.

So far we have read:

  • Voices at the Park
  • Willy and Hugh
  • Gorilla
  • Zoo


We look forward to reading many more of Anthony Browne's stories. If you have any at home your child would like us to share in school, please let us know :)


You can explore and learn more about this fantastic author using his website: Anthony Browne Books 

Summer Term 2022


To kick start the Summer Term, we will be reading the following book for pleasure:

Rabbit and Bear: The Pest in the Nest by Julian Gough

It is the second in a series of short novels, outlining different adventures, trials and challenges between two best friends - Bear and Rabbit. 


Below is a brief synopsis of the text- 

'PEACE AND QUIET,' shouts Rabbit. 'THAT'S ALL I WANT.'
Owch. He's hurt his own ears again.
What with Bear's snoring, and a BANG!BANG!BANG! noise from up in the tree, Rabbit knows that Something Simply Has To Be Done.
But high in the branches, perhaps Bear can show Rabbit how to see the world from a different place ...