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R.E. Buddhism - February 2023

During the spring term, Kestrel Class have been learning about the religion of Buddhism through the exploration of the big question, 'How did Buddha teach his followers to find enlightenment?' We spent time: understanding what the word 'enlightenment' means in Buddhism; discovering different symbols used to represent Buddhism and enlightenment such as the lotus flower, the Bodhi tree and the Wheel of Dharma; learning about Siddhartha Guatama's journey to reaching enlightenment and exploring Buddha's teachings of enlightenment through the Four Noble Truths and the Eightfold Path.


We particularly enjoyed the lesson that focused on how Buddhists search for enlightenment in everyday living through, 'Right Mindfulness' and 'Right Meditation' - two of the Eightfold Pathways. We learned about some of the routines in place at the Dharma School (a Buddhist school in Brighton) and discussed in depth whether 'moments of stillness' could sometimes be important for all. As a result of our discussion, Kestrel Class have since adapted and engaged in regular opportunities to for 'moments of stillness' through the ringing of a delicate bell, to promote our wellbeing and a sense of calm and mindfulness. 


We made a class 'jamboard', quizzes and posters to share our new learning! Take a look below.