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Mini Medics November 2021

On Monday 22nd November, Kestrel Class welcomed First Aider, Jo Pattrick, into school to participate in the Mini Medics training. During the session, the children learned how to use the acronym DR ABC in the event of a medical incident. They worked in pairs to practise checking for any 'D'angers around the scene, before assessing whether their casualty was 'R'esponsive through verbal communication and gentle physical contact. When the children had identified that their casualty was unresponsive, they learned how to open the 'A'irway by tilting the head back, allowing them to then observe whether their casualty was 'B'reathing. The children were then taught how to put their patient into the recovery position if they were breathing or how to administer CPR if they were not breathing. Finally, the children were introduced to a model defibrillator and had the opportunity to apply and use one, on the dolls provided. 


After a short break, Jo then taught the children first aid guidance linked to the use of inhalers, auto-injectors (epi-pens) and choking. To conclude the session, the children learned how to apply a bandage effectively and thoroughly enjoyed practising this on their partner. 


First aid is vital knowledge that could save a life! We are thrilled that all of Kestrel Class are now officially Mini Medics. We would like to thank Jo for her time and the children for their wonderful listening and participation throughout the session.

Mini Medics