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Kestrel Dance March 2022

Over the course of the second half of the Spring term, Kestrel Class welcomed Paula and Ellen from DancEd who helped us to choreograph our own performance, inspired by the book, 'Varjak Paw' and the musical, 'Cats'. In the first week, we worked together as a class to create a disco sequence using dance techniques such as 'canon', 'repetition' and 'unison'. The following week saw us work in pairs to apply the techniques of 'mirroring' and 'call and respond' as well adjusting our 'level', 'speed' and 'direction', to create our own intense, dramatic 'fight' scene. We had to carefully count the beats of the music to match it to our choreography of the battle we had developed. In order to create the morning routine of the cats, we made a short 'motif' of around six movements that included actions such as: travelling, turning, jumping, gesturing and moments of stillness. After a final lesson of rehearsing, with our confidence levels high, we concluded the unit with an outdoor performance to the rest of the school. Staff and children LOVED the amazing end product. We would like to thank Paula and Ellen for having such a positive impact on our children's confidence, resilience and determination with their dance. smiley

When evaluating how the performers (children) felt about their dance lessons, they responded with:

"My favourite part was partner work for the fight scene." - Matilda.

"I liked all of it! I thought it was so much fun." - Rose

"I enjoyed the part where we got the chance to choreograph the battle scene ourselves." - Noah

"Our dance lessons have made me join Paula's dance class outside of school!" - Alfie

"The performance week was my favourite part!" - Dominik

"The disco part was a very joyful way to move your body." - Molly

"I enjoyed the beginning when we moved from a moment of stillness to stretching for the morning routine." - Unathi

"My favourite part was the fight scene when we could add and adapt our own ideas. I LOVED the pounce forwards at the audience." - Rupert


Mrs Osborne, the school's PE lead, would like to thank everyone involved in the unit for their enthusiasm and passion." Paula and Ellen were inspiring and offered some invaluable dance CPD for the school staff involved, Miss Jarvis (despite having minimal dance teaching experience) embraced the sessions with her usual positivity and a real sense of fun and the children...quite simply outstanding! It was an absolute pleasure to be part of their final performance to the whole school - seeing them dressed up in costume was a great addition to the occasion. Thank you Kestrel class for your endless enthusiasm."